This series of night pictures originated from the melancholy landscapes that preceded it (the exhibition ?In the distance?). During that time, I was quite occupied with dreams. I even wrote down my dreams for over a year. I trained myself to such a degree that I was able to wake up at night when I had dreamed something worth remembering ? and write down the dream. Then, in the morning, I would decipher my sleepy scribbles and was amazed at the dream I?d long since forgotten. I was painting landscapes and then it would occur to me that the forest I had just finished painting could be a forest from a dream. Then I imagined I was seeing it from afar, and that I was coming closer to it in my dream, that it was a ?forbidden? forest, it was surrounded by a fence, but that I would somehow get inside it in spite, it was full of secrets, and that remarkable things took place there. I imagined a sort of night film in which dream fragments were intertwined with the person-dreamer and the interior of the bedroom. I originally wanted to preserve a certain fixed order in which the individual pictures should appear, but later their sequence did not seem so important to me. All of the scenes in the pictures are made-up, I did not paint actual dreams, I made them up.

A Way
On The Right Side
The Fence
The Forest
On The Back
Night Ghosts
A Fog
Red Girl
Broken Trees
A Morning Boy
On The Left Side
The Windows
A Cat
Night Fete
She Is At Home
A Wooden Woman
The End Of The Forest
The Sea Behind The Forest
She Is Still Sleeping
A Rowboat
On The Rowboat