I gave the series of interior paintings the title "Solitude" - according to its main subject, although I also considered "Windows" because windows - perhaps as a link between the outer and inner worlds imposed themselves in almost all motifs.

Paradoxically, I started to consider this theme and work on it a little far from my home, during a residency in America in the summer of 2007. It was as if the suddenly unattainable home environment had risen in importance. Things can be seen better from a distance.

Half-empty rooms, a figure standing by the window and watching the world outside, quiet scenes from our homes. Private secrets that we conceal, a feeling of a voyeur who is peeping into other people´s windows. Quiet beauty in separation, solitude and emptiness.

We are all alone, we differ from each other only to the degree that we are aware of this fact. Even in a loving family, harmonious marriage or intimate friendship. I have always been alone, it just took me a long time to realize it.

Most of the scenes I painted were based on imagination, a few times I used photographs of myself, family members and friends, in some cases even items from the flat or my cat.

The Big Window
In The Bathroom
The Blue Reader
My Daddy
A Woman with Long Legs
A Chat