Born in Prague, November 11, 1959
In 1969-1970 attended Eugene Field School in Chicago, Ill.
Lives and works in Prague, Czech Republic


Faculty of Architecture, Technical University in Prague (1978-83).


Ordinary everyday life and the dramas and meanings hidden behind.
Memories, childhood, family albums, ageing.
Solitude and the complexity of relationship between men and women.
Attitudes and Expectations arising from gender roles and the difficulties of understanding each other.


Since 1984 drawings for newspapers and journals, and illustrations for more than 25 books, mainly for children and teenagers.

Author of a comics strip series for children, and work for animated film.

Since 1991 she began to work on her own creative art, such as drawing, painting and lithography.

She started with a focus on a grotesque reflection of the world which surrounds her with a sense of irony and patience and an always-present consciousness of the absurdity of human existence.

Later she began to work with photography, and this is what led her to a certain artistic asceticism, a sort of self-denial. The sense of absurdity of the world seemed to be replaced by humility towards it. Instead of her own subjective thoughts and feelings there is a factual observation, an "objective eye".


Capital Cities of Europe. Albatros, Prague 1989;

Annie and Joe on the Track (with Lucie Lomová), Illustrated notebooks 133. Panorama, Prague 1989;

Miep Diekmann: Annejet Has Troubles... (3 volumes). Ivo Železný, Prague 1992;

Enid Blyton, Mystery... 6 Volumes of Detective Stories for Children. Albatros, Prague 1994-1998


2005 Slavná Nemesis, Ladislav Klima, publiser: Aulos


A Party (10 minutes)
director: Boris Baromykin, Short Film, Prague, 1990


2010 Celeste Prize -finalist, International contemporary art prize- painting

2006 The Most Beautiful Czech Book - Ladislav Klíma: Famous Nemesis. (publ.: Aulos)

2006 3th Prize - Art Colony, Avsenik, Slovenia

1995 Graphic Art of the Year 1994 (Prize of Central European Gallery and Publishing House)


2009 Cill Riallaig, Kerry, Ireland

2008 International workshop Slovenia open to Art, Sinji Vrh, Slovenia

2007 Vermont Studio Center, U.S.A.

2006 2. International Visual Art Colony, Avsenik, Slovenia

2005 Casa Zia Lina, Elba, Italy

2003 10th Symposium of Visual Art, Workshop 01, Mikulov, CR

2002 9th Symposium of Visual Art, Workshop 02, Mikulov, CR (curator)

2001 8th Symposium of Visual Art, Workshop 01, Mikulov, CR